Community Clean-up

Community Clean-up:

Since 2014, CEFOVID launched a community clean-up program in which our members, hand-in-hand with volunteers, both local and international, being authorized and assisted by Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA), in which we take the opportunity to collect garbage from community people, clean-up streams and also sensitize the community on the best possible hygiene and sanitation practices.

In a number of instances, this project is further assisted by schools, students, and some administrators – because we believe that development starts with community hygiene and proper sanitation, thereby reducing cases of disease and poor health.

Furthermore, CEFOVID takes this chance to sensitize the community of our upcoming health camp in which we offer free medical services, counselling and guidance, and also give out free medical resources including free condoms. We always organise Clean-up projects a little ahead of the health camps to create better awareness and set a clean and hygienic environment for our medical support.