Who We Are

Uganda being the Pearl of Africa has suitable environment if well exploited can lead to promotion of a number of activities. Nevertheless, due to the increasing population in most towns, resources are getting limited hence the call for innovations in order to realize equal growth and development amongst her communities.

Aware of the profound need to THINKBIG and catch up with increased opportunities for the growth of these communities in the black man’s continent amidst political ideological differences, economic gap between the poor and the rich, acute spread of the AIDS Pandemics, Health Hazards like malaria, Cholera and other related disasters that have caused multiplicity in orphanage, deteriorating cultural and traditional values thus realizing the noble need to foster development, unity and solidarity among these communities so as to cover the social, economic and information gap.

We as a group have deemed it necessary to set up Community Empowerment For Village Development (CEFOVID) as a community Based Organisation to Complement the initiative made by the government of the Republic of Uganda, other CBOs and NGOs through cooperative and working hand in hand with villages, within communities to achieve her objectives.

Our Objectives

  • To empower and facilitate the economic and social development of the people particularly those in the needy communities to become increasingly involved in resource planning and monitoring of programs that are essential for reducing poverty.
  • To mitigate the Health and Social economic impacts of HIV/AIDs, poor family planning methods and malaria at individual household and community levels through sourcing for support from other health service providers, donors, the division and the government.
  • To provide Bursaries to students and educate youths using funds, donations and gifts solicited from established contacts with organisations and governments both locally and internationally for the purpose of furthering the objectives of the organisation.
  • To start-up vocational training centers so as to equip communities with basic entrepreneurial skills so as to improve their standards of living and to provide services of consultancy in Business skill development projects and outsourcing consultants on different matters.
  • To provide for people with disabilities and expand in other needy areas that are outside Kampala district and ensure that the cause for health, social and economic problems are addressed and mitigated through collaborative efforts with the communities and other government bodies.